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About Koh Lipe: Good To Know
Rocks, Northern tip of Sunrise Beach, Koh Lipe
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Doctor, Hospital and Pharmacy
The hospital is located next to the school on Sunrise Beach. There is a doctor that speaks OK english and a nurse. The hospital as a basic stock off medical supplies, but for anything major you will have to go to the mainland.
The Pharmacy is located in the middle of Walking Street, has a good selection, and the owner speaks very good English, this is a good first stop if your problem is not too serious.
No Cash Machine - ATM
There is NO ATM or cash machine on Koh Lipe. You can get a cash advance on your credit card in our shop on Koh Lipe, or in some of the big resorts.
All internet on Koh Lipe is via satellite link up and therefore a bit more expensive and slower than on the mainland. There are many internet shops on the island, and a few places offer WIFI for their customers.
Mobile Services
Two operators provide Mobile services (phone and GPRS internet - NO 3G):
DTAC, with their prepaid sim card Happy and AIS, with their prepaid sim card 1-2-call
Both offer international roaming and prepaid sim cards that can be easily refilled.
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